What is Grace and Truth?

The title for this site comes from the Gospel of John, chapter 1, verse 14. The idea was to name the site something that could generally reference what its content would be and that is in step with the Christian life. Grace and Truth is a site simply created to post biblical content onto the internet so others can read it and be encouraged, challenged, and educated.

One of the defining characteristics of this site is that it’s designed to be authentic. The authors who write the content do not gain financially from it, are not in vocational ministry, and none of them are anybody special. They are ordinary people who desire to share the Word of God, and sometimes their personal lives, with others.

What Do We Write About?

There are many topics that we write about. If there is a common thread it is that all of our writers are dedicated in sharing information that is biblically supported, strengthening to your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and that challenges you to pursue God.

We write some articles that are purely for theological education, some to help apply biblical truth to specific situations and areas of life, and some content is shared as a more personal note from the author. In fact, some postings will be what you would expect from a traditional blog.