Official Introduction

This site has been created for one purpose: to help people grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. The site’s title, “Grace and Truth,” is a reference to John 1:14, which says, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Jesus is the greatest and fullest revelation of God. Jesus being full of grace and truth is difficult to understand because, usually, those two characteristics seem opposed to each other. But Jesus is full of grace and truth. Being truthful is telling and expressing that which is objective and consistent with reality. Being truthful means that Jesus does not first take into consideration how well His words will be received by others, or how offended others will be by His words. Jesus will always tell the truth. In fact, Jesus is not just truthful, but He declares that He is truth (John 14:6). Jesus will always say and do what accords with the truth, because Jesus is supremely loving towards others.

In the accounts of the Bible we see Jesus confronting sin in the lives of others and making radical statements that He knew would offend many. But He always did it in love. Jesus never compromised on the truth, and Jesus never said anything or acted in any way that was not loving.

Jesus is also full of grace. Grace is unmerited favor, freely giving others what they do not deserve. Compassion and mercy are forms of grace. The air you breathe is God’s grace to you, because nobody even deserves this basic necessity for life. But how can someone be completely truthful, always acting in accord with what is right, yet also be completely gracious and not give people what they deserve?

After all, if a person is found to be guilty beyond any doubt for a severe crime, the truth says that they deserve to be punished. Justice and righteousness has to be given to them. What is in line with the truth must be told and dealt out. However, a completely gracious person would give undeserved compassion and multiple second chances to a guilty person. How can Jesus do both?

It seems like being full of grace and truth would mean that your ideas about people and how to deal with them would always be in conflict with one another. But God, as revealed in Jesus, was always full of truth and full of grace, and never compromised one in favor of the other. It is not like a balance, where one must be added or another taken away so there is equality. I think that a better word to use than balance would be “harmony.” Both grace and truth are fully present at all times in the life of Jesus.

Perhaps I can give an example that may help. God’s Word records an encounter between Jesus and an unnamed woman from a place called Samaria. Jesus knows every detail about the woman’s life, that she has lived a sinful lifestyle, having had five previous husbands and is now in a presumably immoral relationship with another man. Jesus brings this to the front of the conversation. The truth says that the woman is living a sinful life and does not deserve any mercy from God. But an offer of eternal life is what Jesus gives her, telling her that she should believe in Him.

I am not very good with words and not very good at thinking of illustrations, but I hope a point is made. Jesus confronted the deeply personal sin in the woman’s life and did not even pretend to be cautious about it, nor did He apologize for anything He said or did. But He also extended and offer of forgiveness, hope and mercy to her. He did both of these things because He loved the woman. Jesus loves everyone so much that He will not allow sin to go unnoticed and will get down to the deepest areas of their hearts and make them uncomfortable and potentially deeply offended. And Jesus loves everyone to such an amazing depth that He will pursue them and urge them to believe in Him, offering them hope and forgiveness and compassion.

This Ministry

John 1:14 has been on my mind ever since I became a Christian, because I still have not quite understood it. All Christians are to grow to be like Christ, but since He lived a sinless life, it is not possible to be completely like Christ. Jesus being full of grace and truth is somewhat understandable to me, but I know that I am far from fully understanding it. In fact, since I know that for the rest of my life I will be in the process of becoming more like Christ, there is always more to learn and areas I will grow in. 

But I hope that this ministry and the content that is created through it by myself and others will be characterized as biblically faithful. Faithful to the text. Loving as the Bible defines love, wise and the Bible defines wisdom, gracious as the Bible defines grace. I hope people see lives transformed in a way that can only come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. The way we live, the way we think, the way we write and speak, the way we serve and love others. May it all be a result of the gospel in our lives and for the fruit of the gospel in the lives of others.

We love people, and so we will be gracious and truthful. We will not compromise on the truth or make any apology for saying what the Word of God says. And we will be gracious and compassionate and merciful.

Where to Go From Here

This was written on short time and without preparation, so I may not have said what I wanted how I wanted to say it (and there are probably misspelled words and improper grammar scattered throughout). But I hope my main idea got across. 

I encourage you to go to the site’s About page where our purpose and intent is written. This post was more about the character of the site that I hope we achieve, not necessarily the content and intent of the site. The About page will let you know what to expect as time progresses.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, I am not big on designing and building websites and this website design is not my preference. Second, remember that this is a new site and will have some changes, potentially big ones, made to it over the next several months. Third, I would like this site to grow beyond a blog format, but that will most likely take a long time. I am just letting you know to be prepared for changes to take place.

Thank you for reading this and visiting the site. At the time of this writing I am the only author of any content, but I have plans to bring in several more who will write and share content. Please be patient as I am very unfamiliar with writing and posting content on a website. I hope that you continue to follow the site and are provided with resources that help you.

David Friend, site creator and content manager.

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